PEDICARE™ - Digital Foot Spa

PEDICARE™ - Digital Foot Spa

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Foot Spa massager machine is artistically designed with 8 rollers to provide you instant comfort, the heat and bubble massage will give you the feeling of sauna bath along with bubbles.


  • ✅This foot spa massager is equipped with 8 strong manual rollers to improve blood circulation. Lifelong Foot spa massager also offers bubble massage, Infrared Water heat and Timer function, providing you a warm foot spa experience to relieve fatigue. Calming bubbles percolate through water to pamper your feet and melt away stress.

  • Through in-built water heating technology water temperature can be set from 35-48℃. You can cherish a relaxing luxury foot spa to soften hard areas of the feet. Your skin will be soft, your toenails will look fresher and softer to cut.

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  • Digital Panel is easy to understand. Bubble massage, heating and timer function can be controlled using the digital panel. Turn on the bubble jet function to soothe plantar fasciitis and relax overworked feet. Adjust massage duration using the timer function. You can control the temperature to enjoy the perfect foot spa experience.

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  • Foot spa massager machine is installed with no-slip handle for easy movement. If you want to change the water, it has a drain pipe for easy draining. Foot Spa massager machine has Stylish & elegant appearance, perfect for personal use or as gifts for others .


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8 Manual Rollers

The foot spa and massager has 8 manual rollers. These rollers have various points that help in accupuncture and promote blood circulation and soothe pain.

Bubble Massager

The foot spa machine also creates bubbles. The bubbles aid in getting rid of joint and muscle stiffness.

Foot Massager, Spa Therapy, Foot Spa, Foot Spa and Massager, Bubble Massager, Infrared Light Therapy

Foot Spa, Foot Spa and Massager, Foot Massager, Foot Spa Therapy, Bubble Massager

Infrared Light Therapy

The massager is equipped with infrared light which emits energy that kills germs and bacteria that are on your feet.

Digital Display Panel

There is a digital display panel that comes with various functions like timer, temperature setting, bubble massage and infrared light. Through the temperature setting you can enjoy a customized spa like experience even at your home.

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Drainage Pipe

Once you are done with your foot spa or in case you just want to get some fresh water, you can easily get rid of the used water. The spa machine has a drainage pipe which makes this task much easier.


This foot spa machine is light in weight which makes it easy to be carried anywhere you go. It also has a no slip handle. So, you do not have to worry about dropping it when carrying it around.


After receiving the product if you are unsatisfied or unhappy with the product you can send us an email and we will refund you your money.